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Is it free for enthusiasts?

Yes! The Mod Market is free for any enthusiast. Please visit a manufacturers website, retail shop in your local area or visit a booth at a car show to use the platform.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, you can choose to be charged monthly or annually. Once you go through the subscription options, the login set up and payment options will allow you to choose a charge period.

What can I do if I am not a Retail Shop or Manufacturer?

Unfortunately, The Mod Market was created to support Shops and Manufacturers. If you are looking for advertising opportunities or have a unique request on how The Mod Market might be able to work for your business, please contact us.

Can I demo the product before I commit?

Yes! We have a limited demo that you can use to see how the product works or you can book a presentation/demo with The Mod Market team.

If you subscribe, you are also given 3 months for free before you start to pay for the platform.

Can I share my login?

No! You cannot share your login with other shop locations or manufacturers. The login will be secured to one location device.

What is this Setup Fee?

The setup fee is charged to Parts Manufacturers ONLY! It is a one time charge when you register on The Mod Market to cover setting up your database and 3D models into the system effectively.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

If you deactivate your account or cancel your subscription, your information will be erased from our database, retailer network and the shops subscribed to your brand will be notified that you have left the platform. We will not store any information and 3D designs into our system. Please be advised that if you deactivate, you will have to pay the setup cost again if you decide to rejoin the platform.  If you have deactivated by mistake, please contact us immediately.

What if I don't have 3D designs of my products?

The Mod Market team can provide you with custom 3D models for your product. Please contact us for special pricing options.

What if I don't feel safe providing my info or designs?

Please contact us and book a call to discuss this topic. We take security very seriously at The Mod Market and have the proper tools and software in place to protect your information at all costs. YOU have control of what information is made public and passed down through the network. We make sure that you get the final say to sign off on what is put on the platform and when you go public.

How do I provide feedback?

Manufacturers/Shops: Please fill out any feedback on the form inside your administrative homepage.

Enthusiasts: Please provide feedback through your manufacturer, shop, login page or any of our social media pages.

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