The Mod Market Team

Rachel Bartholomew


After modifying two of her own vehicles and working as a consultant to friends looking for advice on how to modify their own cars, Rachel realized that there was no way for car enthusiasts to visualize the changes they can make to their car. Once she had graduated from York University in their Bachelors of Business Administration, she pursued a Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of Waterloo where she was inspired to create the idea for The Mod Market. Rachel competes and attends car shows and track events in Canada and the United States with her modified 2013 Scion FR-S.

Technical Team


Michael Wong

Lead Programmer

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Nick Falsitta

Unity Programmer

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Eric Rojas

3D Designer

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Nigel S

Unity Programmer

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The Mod Market was created back in September 2013 within the University of Waterloo entrepreneurship and technology ecosystem. The founder, Rachel Bartholomew, has been involved in the aftermarket automotive industry for over 6 years as a car enthusiast and has been involved in motorsports her entire life. She took her experience in these industries and applied it to the problems she is looking to solve with The Mod Market software.


The Mod Market is a marketing and sales software tailored to the full aftermarket automotive industry that provides a well rounded, interactive experience that increases the quality of connection between the car enthusiast, parts manufacturers and retail shops while improving baseline marketing ROI.


The Mod Market exists to inform car enthusiasts on the endless possibilities of changes they can make to their car by providing accurate information and visual techniques. The Mod Market also aims to generate sales and improve ROI for its valued customers by showcasing their products in high quality, original 3D renderings specifically created for the customers use.


At The Mod Market, we believe in:

  • One-to-one customer engagement and relationships
  • Customized services that are up to the standards of our customers
  • An individual and personable connective experience
  • Connecting the value chain of the aftermarket automotive industry
  • Communicating consistent information
  • Creating an informed and trusting environment for our customers
  • Providing an easy to use, seamless and responsive software

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