A Real-Time 3D Marketing and Sales Tool Tailored to Parts Manufacturers and Retail Shops

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Real Time 3D Visualization

We provide real time, 3D and virtual reality vehicle and product visualization that is custom to specific vehicles and highlights your products key features and attributes.

Database Management

We are replacing the traditional product brochure and catalog to provide a seamless automated product database that is custom to every car enthusiasts specific vehicle on demand.

Customer Analytics

We track key marketing and customer analytics in a 3D environment that you can use to increase your marketing ROI and improve your marketing performance.

Retailer Network

We connect all of our manufacturers to our large network of authorized retailers to open up new retail opportunities and increase brand presence worldwide.


Increase ROI
Increase your marketing and sales ROI with the right tools and analytics right at your fingertips
Your Customers
Get to know your customers on an intimate level by tracking habits, preferences, interests and interactions with your products
Expand your Reach
Expand your brand to reach new retail opprotunities in our extensive, worldwide network
Data Security
Keep in control of your information by uploading to our secure servers

About The Mod Market

Committed to providing the best customer experience for the Aftermarket.

Established over 3 years ago, The Mod Market is a Canadian startup looking to change the way the aftermarket automotive industry serves its enthusiasts.

We strive to work one on one with retail shops and parts manufacturers to provide a custom, integrative and engaging solution that creates a unique competitive advantage.

Custom Experience
One on One Relationship
Quick turnaround
High quality

How it Works

Contact Us

If you are a retail shop or parts manufacturer, please contact our team through booking a demo or presentation below.


Upload your company logo, company information, product catalogs and 3D models into our secure system. The Mod Market team will personally organize your models and product info into our database.


Use the software to check that all of your product information and visuals are correct. Sign off and go live on The Mod Market Network to start using the software in house, at shows and on the go.


Help us help you! Provide feedback on the software so we can improve our offerings. Consistently use the software to gather customer information for your analytics.

Want to learn more about how The Mod Market can work for you?